Monday, May 19, 2014

Critical Mass Games Mecha Workshop!

I'm pleased as all get out to announce the opening of Critical Mass Games' Mecha Workshop.

Here, you'll find nearly every bit I've done for Craig and Dale, including special bits for customizing your Zas Ravagers, Blackguards, your Vanguards, your Arc Fleet Advance Walkers, or your Ygs Gunmen or Guardsmen.

A veritable smorgasbord of mecha parts.

Here's some screen captures of the store...

 More weapons...
 Backpacks, jetpacks, shoulders, and upgrade kits for your existing Arc Fleet Walkers.  That's a lot of bits!

And here's the new mecha being offered, both in singles and platoon packs of three.

Absolutely gorgeous, and all à la carte!  Enjoy!

Here's that store link again.


Edit to add:

The Ygs Mecha and Powered Armours are up, as well as the selection of all the torsos and leg sets are now up in the store.  Here's some pics...


Huge shout-out to Harold and Eli over at Dropship Horizon for putting this up on the ultimate "All That Is 15mm" blog's feed.

Thanks, gents.
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