Friday, January 20, 2017

Kickstarter For Defense Grid: The Board Game

I have been quiet for a while, yes, but it's for a good cause.

A board game I have been helping with is now being offered via Kickstarter.

Defense Grid: The Board Game looks to be an analog port of the classic Tower Defense game.

Click Here for the link.

Here's a small overview of the game.

Here's a few prototype pics of the game pieces I helped bring to the tabletop with the art direction by none other than Mr. James Van Schaik, my fellow CAV sculptor who recruited me to the project.

Pics are from Forged By Geeks, LLC's Facebook Page Follow them there for more updates.

These game pieces entailed a bit of file rehabilitation on my part, and then James had to take my printed files and make them more production friendly by hand.  The original files were a unique challenge to take from their original format to something that was printable.

All in all, a very satisfying piece of work.  I might have some more to do, but til then, the game is offered for your enjoyment.

That link, again, is

John Bear Ross

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Big Vipers, Part 2

So, preliminaries for 28mm Viper Suits, both Earth Force and Titan Marine.

Along with a number of alternate Viper weapons (embiggened, of course) that were done last year.


Friday, December 16, 2016

Big Viper, Little Viper

So, this is a thing.
Just throwing some electrons around, seeing what works.
(Scale factor of 1.8 times original size)

Rebel Mike wants to know what 28mm Viper Suits might look like.  Here's the Earth Defense version.

I later added another can.  16 oz. Energy Drink.  ;)

Saturday, December 10, 2016

I Sing The Praises Of : The PAW-20 Inkunzi, Part II

Here's a blog post I did on the PAW-20 a few years ago.

The weapon and its potent little cartridge have advanced since then, so here's an update.

Denel, the South African company that produces the weapon, recently filled its first production order for the man-portable grenade launcher that is now called the Inkunzi, or "Bull."  The client isn't named, but hopefully the weapon gets some field time.

There's also a neat little belt-fed version called the Inkunzi Strike.

Denel has also incorporated the Inkunzi Stike into a remote-operated weapon station that can be bolted to the tops of armored vehicles.

What really piqued my interest, lately, though, is the unveiling of the CMS Anti-Materiel Rifle from Truvelo.  It's basically a bolt-action rifle that fires the same 20x42mm cartridge as the above-mentioned weapons.
It also has a folding stock.  So cute and tiny!

Why do I like this thing, even though I probably can't have one?  I like things that go boom.  Simple enough.

The concept also fills a niche I foresaw in the coming future, where infantrymen will be facing up-armored personnel on foot.  Modern Class IV armor plates can stop multiple .30 caliber rounds.  This armor plate technology will soon propagate to anyone who can order one via Amazon or the dark web.

Thus, in the ever-spiraling dance of armor and weaponry, something man-portable is going to be needed to punch through the next generation of armored enemy infantrymen. 
Other rounds, such as fragmentation or buckshot, could also be utilized, depending on the combat situation.

I think a weapon with the size and capability of the Inkunzi would fill that gap.
I hope the US develops one soon.
Yes, the XM25 Punisher is being field-tested, but it's the ground-pounder equivalent of the F-35.
Too expensive and fancy for its own good.
Something brutal, ugly, and simple is needed.

Long ago, I voiced my thoughts on a portable support weapon the size of an M-14, throwing a round that contained a miniaturized explosive warhead, with a bore between 15 and 20mm.  As a matter of fact, with a little bit of googling, here's the post...

Quoted Question:

I wonder. Once body armor that can readily stop all current individual weapons becomes commonplace, what's next?

My babbling input:

It's the endless cycle of armor vs. armament.

Unarmored extremeties are still vulnerable to conventional firearms. Class III helmets and faceplates aren't anywhere on the horizon, so the failure drill will still have a place in weapons implementation.

Before gunpowder and the longbow, ancient knights were still vulnerable to daggers through the faceplate and armor joints. Blunt trauma, like a mace, could still ring an armored knight's bell.

Ammo design will catch up with the new armors. Once class III and IV starts to proliferate to our nation's enemies, a paradyne shift will occur with weaponry. New micronized AP/HEDP projectiles (I think explosive small arms bullets are against the Hauge Convention, for now), directed energy weapons, sonic weapons, or something else from the next wave.

Maybe a miniaturized 15 or 20mm HEDP warhead in a Heavy Support Rifle is just what the doctor ordered. Something M-14 sized or slightly larger, for knocking out armored individuals or light armored vehicles. The XM-109 is a step in the right direction, but the Barrett platform is too bulky to haul around, in my opinion, and it only has a 5 round capacity. Minimum 10 rounds per mag in the Heavy Support Rifle.

Just thinking off the top of my head.

John Bear Ross

That's a blast from the past.  December 26, 2004.  I think I've been on the internet too long.  ;)
When the PAW-20 emerged, I was more than delighted, for obvious reasons.

Neat stuff.


Sunday, December 4, 2016

15mm Mecha Roundup

The Animech Kickstarter for Rebel Minis has closed, and we did great.  60 backers, and just under $3000 USD in pledges.  Awesome, and thank you!

Now, for some other mecha being offered across the vast 15mm-verse.

First up are a neat pair from Josh Qualtieri at

The Thanatos Stars Kraikon is a thick little design with a unique design feature I really like: power assist struts/legs on its back that help it right itself.  I dig the unorthodoxy.

Here's the link to buy it from Zombiesmith. There's some cool fluff (associated fictional description) at the link, as well.

This Thanatos Stars Ison Mecha is another neat design.  I like its lithe and lethal form.

Here's the link, again with more fluff.

Then, from out of nowhere, Eli and Gavin at drop a great mecha announcement on us.  The Tavshar Archon, co-produced by Loud Ninja Games and

It's an impressive design, and looks good in red.  There are a total of six (not four!) variants.  Awesome design, guys.

Click here for all the variants, and package deals

From GBS's The Ion Age line is another impressive design, the Afara Strider.

You can find individual and bundle deals here.

So, there you have it.  A total of eleven different variants, all fitting nicely in the "Two Inch Terror" ballpark of 15mm Mecha.


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Animech Kickstarter: Less Than 24 Hours To Go, Fifth Goal Met!

The Rise Of The Animechs Kickstarter effort is less than 24 from completion.

All five stretch goals have been reached, enabling you to customize your Animechs with new weapons, or add them to your existing Rebel Minis mecha.

So, jump on in for the big finale.