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Snippet: Things Get Ugly At The Bar

Here's a little snippet from the untitled sequel to my first novel.

Jessica Kramer, my main character, falls off the wagon.
Her comrade, Kierra, and Kierra's sister Wardancer, Londara, find her at a bar.
They face down a gang trying to take advantage of drunken Jessica.
This happens next...


     “No more nonsense, Sister Jessica. You need rest and time for your liver to clean the toxins you ingested out of your system. Let’s go,” Kierra said.
The Wardancer pulled Kramer off her barstool and put her over her shoulders, carrying her out the bar’s portal. The door closed, and the muffled sound of music started up again. The remaining crowd not scared off by the averted barfight returned to their tables.
Londara walked backwards out of the place, covering Kierra and Jessica’s exit. She swatted down a number of thrown beverage containers with mechanical precision, then joined her sisters outside at the hovercar.
“You two head return to the …

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