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Sunday Snippet, But On A Monday!

Sorry for no Sunday Snippet yesterday.  I guess we can call this a Monday Morsel.  ;) Here it is, from Breakthrough: Junctionworld Book 2 (Pre-order link below) ------------
     The soldiers-for-hire huddled up in what was left of the target facility's cafeteria, surrounded by scattered chairs and overturned, blood-splattered tables. The tattered squad gathered in the center of the breached environmental dome, weapons pointed outboard as their commander consulted with the glowing map display on the outside of his claw. Something stirred, and their rifle muzzles zeroed in on a motion from the far end of the dome.

     “Oh, void, Boss,” one of them cried, “it's another one!”      A shimmering black form, about the height of a standard human, emerged from one of the frozen piles of corpses. Trooper Snim opened fire with his laser carbine, and the pool of darkness staggered under the assault of heat and light. Its gelatinous mass rippled in gray waves as a solid scab of material for…

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