Tuesday, August 14, 2018

3D Printing the 28mm ScorpionMech

The boy, JBR2, and I are going to print one of the more notorious members of the 15mm Animech from Rebel Minis, the ScorpionMech, in 28mm. 

It's a monster!

A few pieces required resculpting, and we're still learning our way as far as printing goes, but it's a fun ride.  My son is learning the art of patience, and a new trade (hopefully).  This is going to be a gorgeous beast.

Here are the initial digital layouts, and some parts that will be modded for the new size.

Here are the parts, fresh out of the goo.

And here are the parts, post-cleanup.  They're beautiful in that black resin.

More to come.


Monday, July 16, 2018

Second Test Prints: Gatling and Missile Launchers

Bottom Line:  Success!

Vertical orientation left a lot less support pockmarks, and slowing the print WAY down made for greater detail.

Also, breaking off the supports before curing helped me get into all the nooks and crannies.  Thanks to Rodrick Campbell for the kind suggestion.

My thanks to Bill Braune and Spaceman Spiff for their advice on printing at home, in particular the safety aspects of dealing with resin and solvents.

Here's the pics...

Yes, the kids' bathroom has been taken over as the printing booth.  This way I can run the vent fan and not breath resin fumes.

Weapons attached and sprued to the printer's build plate.

 Separated and ready for me to break off supports and hit them with the toothbrush and rubbing alcohol to strip off excess resin.

 The gatling weapon had the densest supports.

 Sprue remnants.

 Curing in the setting sun.  Not enough daylight, unfortunately, so...

 We move inside to the new nail salon UV curing station I just bought.  "You so fancy," as Mr. H. would say.  ;)

 In they go.

Don't look into the light, Carol Anne!

More post-processing cleanup in a bit.  For now, I'm really impressed.  It took a while, but it was worth it.  Glorious looking 28mm scale Viper Suit weapons!  Whoohoo!


Saturday, July 14, 2018

First Test Prints: 28mm Scale Gatlings

TLDR:  With just the test prints, it's 80% of what I want in a production-ready, professional print.
I just need to learn how to tweak it, and do cleanup better.

Here's some photos...

Here's the print, fresh out of the resin bath.  Cleanup is in 91% concentrate isopropyl rubbing alcohol.  They look pretty gummy, right now.

A little work with a toothbrush in the IPA, and the shiny side of the prints without all the lattice work looks good.  Build layers were .025mm, or just under a thousandth of an inch per layer.

Print took 4 hours and 12 minutes.

Now to the post-processing, and where there's room for improvement...

Here's the sprued guns, with my tablet providing some underlighting.  Looking good so far.

 Busting off sprue and lattice.

 Houston, the minor problem reveals itself.  I wasn't able to brush off the uncured resin during the IPA rinse-off/scrubbing because of the lattice work.  That soft, gloppy resin softened and obscured details, and cured in place.  A minor point, and part of the learning curve, as far as I'm concerned.  I just need to reduce the sprues and increase the scrubbing (without damaging the part, of course).

So, here are the parts in sunlight, with my rudimentary post-cleanup.  I will prime the parts and see if the build lines fill in, and maybe something will emerge.

I'm happy, but not ecstatic.  Like I said earlier, I need to learn and refine my process.  It's not just a Star Trek replicator that spits out parts.

But, it's cool, and it's mine!


Stay tuned.