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Sunday Snippet From Book 3

Here's a little idea I had to get out of my head.  I have no idea if my editors will allow it to stay in the book, but here's a cheeky little side story from Book 3.  -----------------------------   JUNCTIONWORLD  THIRD GATE ZONE 
The interdimensional vessel made its audible presence known seconds before it became visible in time and space. As it faded from nebulous aether into hard reality, its wailing, siren-like power signature filled the shattered plaza of the residential pod complex. 
 A thin, non-descript humanoid male stepped from the craft’s front door. The distant chatter of automatic energy weaponry greeted his ears, and he looked around, puzzled at his bleak surroundings. 
“Hang on,” he said, taking in the horrid worldscape of Junctionworld’s dark, crackling skies. “Why did she bring us here, of all places? Of all the damnable hellholes, this is where we had to come?” 
 He pulled a scanning tool from his overcoat’s inside pocket. Its whirring readout confirmed his w…

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