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New Patreon, and Project Malleus Parabellum

   I just launched a Patreon where I supply a monthly mech via .stl file download. Here's the link... The welcome aboard package for all Patrons is a digital mech hangar diorama.  I also include the .stl files if you want to 3D print anything in the pictures... Quite a fun project. I also came up with Hexabot Helpers.  These little guys can hand tools and hold flashlights for mech techs as they do repairs. I am blessed, as it only took 10 days for the first tier, The First One Hundred, to sell out. Here's March's reward.  Project Malleus Parabellum Quite the nasty brute, no? I combined a lot of my influences growing up as a kid, including Zoids, Macross, 40K, Rifts, Battletech, and a few others. Here's the test print... Well, that's what I've got for now. Junctionworld Book 3 is still going, not to fear. I am busy, and happy. Best, JBR

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