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Sunday Snippet

 Sunday Snippet -----------       “Listen, Nolo, I don’t want want to hear it, okay? Just let me walk back. I can make it.”       “Selfsame not present to force Pilot Kramer,” the printed being said. “Boss’s orders only to ensure subject Kramer’s life status in combat environment. Selfsame can provide aerial transport or overwatch during ped transit. Possible audience for verbal tirade. Damage to subject’s right mobility strut may compromise mission of return to base. Multiple options available.”       Jessica smirked to herself as the anger started to drain from her. Nolo was a Model Ninety-Nine, the more advanced version of the standard Model Nine trooper. They had larger vocabularies and deeper thought processes than regular grunts, and Nolo’s time and experience on the run with the Headhunter gave him a snarky way of turning a phrase. She liked that.      “I just,” Jessica started, “I just don’t understand why he’s risking himself out there for-”      Nolo held up a hand as artille

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