Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rebel RUM-V System, Part 6

Alright, we've got a Civilian Flatbed hull, a Combat Flatbed hull, and a half-dozen propulsion systems.

For those of you just joining us, this is part six of a WIP series/product reveal on the RUM-V System, or Rebel Universal Modular Vehicle system.  Click one, two, three, four, or five to go to previous entries.

Why is is called that?  Because acronyms that rhyme with "HUM-V" are groovy, and stick in your memory.  ;)

Well, sci-fi pick-up trucks (lorries, for you Brits) are nice, but this project actually came about because Rebel Mike wanted Technicals.

Technicals are up-gunned vehicles that have been converted from their normal use into improvised battlefield units.  "Guntrucks," to use another term.

So, let's put some stuff in the back of them thar pick-em-up trucks...

We'll start basic.  A low-rise module, with a single universal hatch on top.

I suppose you can call it a habitation pod, or light utility pod.  It can easily be used as that.

In truth, the fact that it has a hatch is incidental.  This low-rise pod was meant to be a turret adapter.

Here is one turret I have made up for the RUM-V light tank hull.  There will be others.  Specifically, I've made manned and unmanned turrets that can use the big ball-and-socket weapon arms from the HAMR suits!

The weapon barrel is grafted in from the Viper Suit.  Seeing as how the VPR suits are basically walking Technicals, I liked the tie-in.

I then made a basic 4-legged weapon base.  It's not a walker/crawler body.  That might come later.
This is more of an independant ground mount that also had to fit in the cargo compartments of both Flatbeds.

  I made an operator's seat, with sockets on the side that were compatible with anything I made with a 1/8th inch ball as its attachment point, most notably the support weapons from the HAMR suits, and the Saber gunship weapons.  Both an open and enclosed operator's pod were made.  I also imagine this will have a crane or other utility arms made for it soon.

This little guy is a remote weapons turret.  It can take one 1/8th ball socket weapon.  In this case, I mounted a triple-missile rack.

 Let's mix and match some of those weapons, now, shall we?  The gun-truck/Technical possibilities are starting to show, eh?

 I also made an APC pod that will fit both Flatbeds.  Thus, your improvised guntruck can now be a battle taxi to bring your rebels or planetary militia to the fight.

And, of course, you can put the MATV turret on it, making it more flexible in a fight or enabling it to lay down covering fire for its troops as they deploy.

Next: Light Tanks.  More to come.

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