Friday, February 1, 2013

Rebel RUM-V System, Part 5

So far, we have a Civilian Flatbed hull, a Combat Flatbed hull, and a half-dozen propulsion systems.

From Thursday Night's update, we also know what can be affixed to that chin mount on the front of the basic RUM-V frame.

Taking in feedback from the TMP 15mm Forums (thank you, Insomniac), I reworked the wheels as best I could while still fitting within the design parameters.  Things were bulked up a touch, and additional detailing was done to make the drive motor/suspension parts of the wheel look better.

Here's a comparison picture of an old wheel (leftmost) compared with two new wheels (center and right).

 Now all six new wheels on a basic RUM-V frame.

Now the Civilian Flatbed hull on top of the new wheels.  I like the look better.  Thanks, Inso!

Next, James Burrell, of CAV and ArtCrime fame, suggested a winch.  So I made one.

 I also made the rear of the basic RUM-V frame match the chin mount, so that the winch bumper (and all the other present and future mounts) can be used on the rear as well.

So, great feedback.  
This is the great thing about rapid prototyping and digital sculpting.  The design loop is much shorter between what you think you like, and what folks actually want.

In the "More to Come" segment, "What does go in the back of those Flatbeds?"

Turret adapters, APC pods, and a mini-turret/gun pod, coming up next.

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