Monday, January 28, 2013

Rebel RUM-V System, Part 2

So, earlier, we introduced the basic framework of the RUM-V (Rebel Universal Modular Vehicle) system.  Just a simple platform, right?  Right.

The RUM-V system is meant to make Rebel Miniatures' vehicles compatible with each other going forward.

But, and this is a crucial "but," it's not meant to make everything in your inventory obsolete.  It's actually meant to be backwards-compatible with a lot of your existing models and their components.

Veteran designs can be updated, and brought into the fold.

Let's take a look at an oldie but goodie, the Combat Flatbed.  The top painted pic is from Rebel's site.  The next two pics are recent renders of the same 2009-era digital sculpt.

The Combat Flatbed was an experiment of mine that Mike was gracious enough to purchase.  It was probably the only vehicle I managed to sell that I made on my cnc mill.

It was meant to use the track units from the Earth Force APC.  See, even then I was trying to push this interchangeability thing.

Well, let's take those two parts, and try and incorporate them into the RUM-V system.

 First, I took the old digital model (seen on the right), and sliced the bottom off it (it's actually the basis of the basic frame from the introduction post).

I radius a lot of old sharp corners, blend some surfaces, and made it more fit for 3d printing than cnc milling (there are different design approaches to each method).

I also reconstructed the hull, and fused in the top hatch from the very successful Comanche and Apache MATVs.  This is going to be a new standard RUM-V connection point when it comes to attaching turrets and cupolas.

 Side by side, the models show their distinct family resemblance.

But let's bring that MATV turret back into the picture.  Modularity is the key, right?  Backwards compatibility to previously made parts.  Saves the client money, and gives you the customer more flexibility.

 Now, your RUM-V Combat Flatbed can run convoy escort duty, or provide armored cargo transport for extended logistics trains.  And that's just from one $3 turret, that already comes with four weapon options.

The Combat Flatbed revamp is just the most basic of starts, though.  There's a lot more I can't wait to show you.  Here's a hint...


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