Saturday, March 5, 2016

Missile Artillery For The Astagar

Astagar Snakemen, now with artillery! 

Missssssile Artillery! 

(see what I did there, with the hissing sound?  eh?  eh?  ;)  )

So, with the Main Battle Tank and Armored Personnel Carrier done, Craig and Dale from Critical Mass Games requested some heavy-hitting missile artillery weapons to be done.

We originally tried to put a monstrous turret on the APC's hull, on the raised forward section, but it didn't work too well.  We also considered doing a submarine-style series of deck hatches, like we had done with the Arc Fleet Missile Carrier piece.

Instead, we decided to make it a variant of the main battle tank hull, since it would be more balanced on that large, stable platform.

The only challenge during this design was creating a method for the missile pods to rest at the horizontal position, but also be able to elevate without any collisions.  It was a minor work-around, but it was an enjoyable exercise in design.

Two pod styles were created.  A notch was also carved in the top of the turret so the Viperia Powered Armor's backpack accessories (missile launcher, sensor antenna, suppressive guns) could be used as supplementary weapons.

All in all, a powerful design.  I like it, but of course, I'm biased.  ;)

More to come on as Critical Mass Games lets me reveal more Astagar Kickstarter goodies.
Stay tuned.

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