Astagar Main Battle Tank, Part 3

Part Three of the Astagar Main Battle Tank, with hints of glorious Steve 'Coolhand' Tyler Astagar Infantry.

Here's the link to part two.

On to the eye candy...


 These were the approval shots for the Astagar Main Battle Tank grav versions.

 This was the "Pen" setting in Rhino, used to help for reference shots with the line art.

Here are some assembled pics of the tracked versions.

Exploded view, showing off the parts.

And now. some size reference shots, with (da-da-DAH!) Steve 'Coolhand' Tyler's beautiful Astagar infantrysnakes. 

You can see an album featuring Coolhand's infantry on Critical Mass Games' Facebook page here.

These are support weapon gunners flanking an Astagar MBT to show for size orientation.  I think we increased the size of the MBT after this, so they'll be larger than this when the final product is printed.

More updates on those Coolhand infantrysnakes as I get them.

Coming soon:  Something to cart those beautiful snake grunts around.



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