An Armored Personnel Carrier For The Astagar

A lot of work and brain sweat went into the Main Battle Tank for the Astagar, as shown in the last update.

Click here for the final version of the MBT, both Grav and Tracked.

So, to build on that momentum while saving on parts to be printed and cast, Craig and Dale wanted an APC that could be used as a multi-role combat vehicle.

Namely, a communication version, and an APC, for getting the infantry to the battlefield.

Here was the first version.  It was a simple overlay on the Main Battle Tank's hull.


Yeah...not so much.  A redesign was called for.  Same grav pods and treads as the MBT, but new hull.  And turrets.

I started with a turret with three different weapon systems.  One a conventional cannon, the other two based on previous Astagar weaponry...

Then, the new hull.  The concept of using overlays was kept.  One overlay over the back of the hull could make it an APC.  The other overlay would make it a Comms version.  The end result looked great.

I really liked the "shadow" Waldos and Astagar infantry stand-ins.  It's a neat effect.

Those Astagar infantry, of course, are done by the inimitable Steve 'Coolhand' Tyler.

So, there you have the Astagar APC and Comms vehicles, part of the upcoming Kickstarter effort from Critical Mass Games.

Next update:  Astagar Missile Artillery!  Whoo-hoo!



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