Snakes In A Can, Part 3. Astagar Vipera Powered Armour.

So, big update on the Snakes In A Can series, showing off the upcoming offerings from Critical Mass Games via Kickstarter.

Part Two is here, if you missed it.

Since I believe dessert is best served before dinner, here's the big update. 

Pre-production shots of the Viperia Powered Armour, fresh from the client's email. 

Grid square is in 1/2 inches (12.7mm), I believe.

 White square is probably a 40mm x 40mm base.
 Those claws turned out awesome.  Perfect for cleaving infantry, or carving the kneecaps off of larger mechs...

 Left and right hand versions of the tail mobility segments.

Now, some digital candy...
 Here's how that socket and stalk torso arrangement looks, up close.

And some renders using AA batteries for size reference.

 I love that detailing.

These are far-off establishing shots, to give you a sense of size from a tabletop perspective.

This design was developed in conjunction with its larger nest-mate, the Volos Assault Mecha.  That will be the next big series coming up.

As always, stay tuned for more updates from the Critical Mass Games Kickstarter effort.  I'm spooling up for the big debut, and will be real-time updates as new stretch goals are conceived and crafted.



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