My Sig Sauer P320 Gets Some New Parts

My personal carry piece just got a bit more portable.

My first post on the subject is here.

Since then, I've toted it numerous places.  Carrying a full-size pistol at Appendix Carry can bring some challenges, though.  Thus, I made a few modifications by purchasing a few new parts.

The P320 is a modular system (I loves me some modularity, as you know), and is able to interchange grips to suit the end user.

I bought a Compact grip, but needed to buy new 9-round magazines, since the 10-round mags poked out a little (see pics below).

I also bought a Gray Guns full-length recoil spring guide, so I can swap in 1911 springs and tailor my reloads.

If this is sounding like gibberish, never fear, I'm basically customizing with different parts, which is one of the strengths of the design.

 Here are all my parts.

 The compact grip module and 9-round mag are the top set of parts.

 The new Compact/Full-Size hybrid, assembled.

Here's my hybrid, with the 10-round magazine inserted.  It will fits, but with a bit of a gap where my pinkie rests.

 Here's the hybrid with the 9-round mag inserted.  My pinkie has about a 75% purchase on the end of the grip.
This set-up should be a tad bit more comfortable to carry.

Here's the hybrid in my holster.  No more rail section poking me in the thigh when I'm sitting.

Well, back to writing.  Part 2 is coming along nicely, when I'm not sick, or traveling, or working overtime, or any of a dozen other things that keep popping up.  ;)



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