Sunday, August 7, 2016

New Pistola: Sig Sauer P320 in .45 ACP

I bought a new pistol with my sculpting money and some overtime.  It's one I've had my eye on for a while.

The Sig Sauer P320, Full Size, is a Swiss/German/American pistol chambered in the All-American classic cartridge .45 ACP.

I sent 200 rounds through it today, about what I consider a good break-in/tryout session.  Things are looking great, so far.

No failures to feed, fire, extract, or otherwise function.  Both magazines lock back, and it eats 230 grain ball (a clone of the classic military full metal jacket load) and 230 grain hollowpoints (self-defense loads) like a champ.

The night sights work great, even in Nautical Twilight,  and I can make consistent groups, even with my withered abilities.

Muscle memory is similar to classic Sigs, with the exception of the lack of a Decocker.  This is a striker-fired pistol, which means one consistent trigger pull, not two distinct trigger pulls as found in double action/single action Sigs.

This was a major plus, for me, since I really learned to shoot semi-auto pistols with the Sig P226, the sidearm issued to me when I was doing contract security for the Department of Energy.  DOE likes their shooters proficient, and I spent a lot of time learning how to work the Sig P226 in a number of situations.  The P320 lets me draw on that experience and muscle memory with ease.

Well, I kept reaching for the decocker after shooting, but we won't bring that up.  ;)

 Here's what you get when you leave the gun store.  Case, holster, extra mag, child lock, manual, sticker (for the toolbox), and a tiny squib of Lucas gun oil.

 Here's the pistol in its natural element.  As you can see, it's a full-size, monolithic hunk of steel and polymer.  Very elegant lines, to my designer eye.

 The factory pistol holster is a slip-in affair, with a paddle that can also accommodate a regular belt.  It has a slight forward cant, which is not my real preference.  I'm more of a 90-degree, straight-down-the-leg type of guy.  It's handy, though.

End of day shooting.  Didn't have my camera for night shooting, but it was fun.

My paws are tiny and "artistic," so I am not able to reach the magazine release without shifting my grip slightly.  The beauty of the P320 is that you can swap out the entire plastic grip frame for about $40 USD.  I will move down to the Full-size/Small grip if and when it becomes available.

Here's a pic you guys can use to characterize me as "that quiet fellow next door," if I ever make the news.  ;)

All in all, things are looking good.  A great shooter.

In other news, I'm still writing, and may have a lead on coming back to a favorite character I wrote in the past for another story.

I'll have an update later for sculpting and other sci-fi goodness coming out.

Stay tuned.

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