Grav Tank 2

This is Part 2.  Here's Part 1.

Well, today's milling experiment to cut out the turret of the grav tank was a bust.

My X axis seized, and wouldn't let the motor turn.

Tore it down for inspection.  Much sweating and cussing.
Put it back together.  Still binding.  More cussing.

Contacted the fellow who made the failed part.  He was very accommodating, even though his business is on standby, and he sold me a couple upgraded parts.
Thanks, John at Microcarve!

But, the parts that did get machined looked beautiful.  I need to buy more material to cut, but the goal of in-house CNC prototyping is getting closer.


In the meantime, here's some second-wave detailing of that big grav tank.

The missiles are set up for vertical launch.  The four secondary turrets are detailed out, and the beast is coming along nicely.

I don't like the side boxes, though.  They were intended to be a-grav generators, and they looked good in the 2D drawing, but they'll have to go.

Also, the grilles above the boxes look too close to missile hatches.  I'll cover them up.

Here's the second wave of detailing...
 Dark gray parts will be rapid-prototyped.  Light gray will be machined in my garage.

 Hollow cavity underneath to save material when casting.  Notice the arrays of slits.

 She's a sleek thing, she is.

 Long, too.  About 6.5 inches of hull.

 Next to the Mega Merka, again.

More to come.



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