CNC Milling Project: Grav Tank

So, in order to use my CNC machine, I have to make special builds for it.

Stuff intended for 3D printing has undercuts and tiny details that a CNC cutter just can't reach or do.

So, I've crafted up a large Grav Tank, a veritable transatmospheric yacht, for my first object to be CNC'd.

It starts as a simple sketch on graph paper.  Usually, just one side.
I then filter out the graph lines and mirror the image for symmetry.
It doesn't need to be gorgeous, just enough to scan into my 3d program.

From there, I make an initial bulkout.  I am keeping details and fiddly bits dialed back on this, so I can see what I can and can't do.  The parts that can't be cut will be printed.

Here, you can see I was playing with comparison shots next to the Mega Merka project.  I figured I would make the turrets swappable.  Neat effect.

More on that later.



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