Sculpting The Black Max, Part 7

This is part seven in the WIP blog series on sculpting the Black Max, a large 1/100th scale main battle mecha.

Here's the link back to part six.

 The bulk-out phase of the sculpt is done, as you can see from part six.
Now, to begin the first wave of detailing.
I begin by separating the weapon arm off to itself.  I am going to incorporate the ball and socket weapon on the far left.  Some modification is going to be necessary...
 I begin by removing the older, hinged-elbow gatling bit.
I am also going to make the joint where the should meets the torso into a ball and socket arrangement.

 I create a socket for the weapon ball mount to join the shoulder.  A lot of work goes in to creating a shoulder bit that can be used on both the left and right side.  Thus, only one bit has to be printed or machined, saving time and money.

 Here are the reworked bits apart...

 ...and assembled.  The 3-missile launcher is just a stand-in for now.  I'm not decided on hatches, shapes, or the number of warheads.  Again, this is just the first wave.

 Now we attach the new arm to the sculpt.  A comparison between the old on the right and the new on the left is nice.

Mirroring the new arms to both sides of the torso looks good, for now.  Additional detailing will occur on the second and possibly third wave.

Stay tuned.



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