Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sculpting The Black Max, Part 6

This is part Six.  Here's a link back to Part Five.

So, we've extruded the main components from 2D to 3D, and made small adjustments.

Now, we put those parts together.

 Here are a side and front fiew of the major components.

 I forgot the hips.  Damn.  So, I whip up some hips.

 Rudimentary hips are in place, and the major assemblies are "mirrored" for both right and left.  The legs are angled at 10 degree offsets, to relax the pose.

 Legs are a bit out of proportion when angled...

 So I scale them up slightly.

 I also adjusted the top "brow" of the viewport to give it a meaner look, and extended the cowl back.  The pose is adjusted to make Mr. Black Max stand up straighter.  He can go back to the menacing scowl pose when we're done.  ;)

 Size is a little bigger, but no biggie.  My sculpts tend to grow over time, and I occasionally have to dial things back.

I'm just trying to keep under 5 inches (127mm) at this point.

Now, to address the matter of those rudimentary hips.  I line out the source art (it's hidden, deep in there) and bulk out the rough shape.

 I also need some kind of cover or "flow" from the main hull to the arm, while protecting the shoulder joint.  A simple curve and extrusion does the job.

 New Hips and shoulder protectors in place.  I like it.

Something's missing, though...

 Let's see how it looks with some missile launcher pods.  Nice.  I'll figure out how to attach them next.

Here's the link forward to part seven.


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