Saturday, January 16, 2016

Possible Big Tank Concept

Just toying around, waiting for epoxy to show up so I can machine it.

I have wanted to make a large, strike-and-hold tank since days of yore.  Here's a link to a concept I admired back in 2010.

Main Battle Tanks are great for striking into enemy territory, and killing other tanks, but they can't hold the ground.  You need infantry to do that.

So, a combined arms vehicle that can do both missions is what I'm after.
It, of course, is going to need to be big.
Bigger is better, but bigger is costlier, too.  So, keep that in consideration if you don't see this on the shelves for some time.

I based the design on an enlarged Rebel Merka MBT.  The working title is "Super Merka."  Yes, yes, clever, I know.  ;)

 Here is the initial design.  I chopped and stretched out the hull of one of Rebel's gun drone vehicles, and started forming the main hull.  Likewise, I took the tread unit, and expanded it to form a larger, fatter mobility pack.  The quad treads would only have to be printed once, saving time and money.

 If you don't feel like ripping up your city streets when fighting Kaiju house-to-house, you can opt for the wheeled units from the RUMV packs.  It looks silly, at first, but it grows on you.

Now I want to design a large dish antenna that can zap monsters with heavy maser weaponry!
I've been watching a lot of Godzilla movies lately, can you tell? ;)

I also whipped up a heavy blower mobility unit, that could serve as an anti-grav pack as well, if you squint hard enough.

Well, nothing promised as far as this coming to market.  Just an exercise, at this point.


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