Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Want To Make A Shock Tank

This is going on the list of projects I want to knock out. Not a reproduction of the M-61A1 Cerberus, per se, but my own version of a Shock Tank, which seems to be a large Main Battle Tank crossed with an Armored Personnel Carrier. A futuristic weapon to implement a "strike and hold" warfare philosophy. Good stuff.

Here's the inspiration...

I first saw mention of it last year on a lego builders page. Brad Edmondson is the feller's handle. MOCPages is the site where lego builders go to show off (among many others, I'm sure). "MOC" stands for My Own Creation. is the overview of the beast. is a detailed breakdown of the vehicle's system. Brad put a lot of thought into the build. Beautiful stuff for a military sci-fi geek like myself. If you do some more digging, you'll see that Brad worked up a whole series of variants on the M-61A1 hull. My kind of guy, design-wise.

Well, maybe when I have some spare time, I'll sculpt up my own 15mm version of a Shock Battle Tank. With sci-fi tanks getting bigger and bigger in 15mm scale, I'm sure we'll start seeing more things like this. Bigger is always better, I sez...

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