Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mecha Gorilla Rework Continues, Too

This fella is getting the rework, as well as the Scorpion Mech.

As I stated in the first update on him, he was too big to cast in his original form.  My fault.

Now that Rebel Minis has acquired the rights to him, he's been shrunk, chopped, and re-configured so things will fit in the molds better.

The main body is also like a rail, with other parts added to it, instead of one large mass.

The breastplate is a nice touch, I think.  The ripple effect was an experiment that turned out nicely, and it will be continued on various panels on the gorilla's armor, just so he doesn't look like a very angry baseball umpire.  ;)

Work continues.  There was a very handy suggestion on Facebook that an alternate bubble-canopy head be added.   Great feedback.  If you have some, add it here in the comments, or on the Rebel Minis Digital Direct Facebook page.

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