Monday, November 10, 2014

Painted Khurasan MDMS Tanks, Part 2: Now Released!

Coming up for air, just for a moment.

Khurasan Minis has released the MDMS series of mercenary vehicles, namely the MDMS Taipan and Goanna main battle tanks and the Cane Toad APC.

 They are intended to be used by a broad array of forces, with custom-tailored weaponry to various tech levels and army styles.

     Their turrets and accessories are widely interchangeable with the Karkpanzer and Nova Respublik Red Banner tanks I did for KM, so you modularity addicts out there can have fun swapping out parts.

Here's the previous post on the Painted MDMS vehicles...Link

And now, the link to the sales page.  They are listed under the Thrainites, KM's take on high-gravity space humanoids.  Read the fluff.  It, like the rest of Khurasan Jon's text and fictional universe, is quite good.

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