Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Releases From Critical Mass Games For Salute 2014, Part 4

Yesterday's update was the Ygs mecha.

Today is the Ygs powered armours.

As mentioned before, I sculpted the Ygs so that their armors conformed to their natural body shapes.  The Ygs are shorter and reverse-kneed from humans, but I think their shape still connotes power and combat ability. 

PF did a great job sculpting up the original mercenary Ygs, as he does with all his aliens.

Or, you might think they're cute, and buy them for that reason.  Either way, I'm happy, as long as you enjoy them.

So, here are the Ygs Ygarra Powered Armours.

(Just so you know, I have to call them powered armours, else Kev will throw a tantrum  ;)  )

 Here are the rendered versions forming a skirmish line in front of their larger mecha team mates.  Waldo is in there for scale, standing on an American Penny.

Here's the real life variation on that render.  As you can see, they're angry little knots of badassery.

 The Ygarra "Gunner" variant is equipped with a choice of energy weapons, including mortar bombs, quad plasma weapons, and other plasma blaster arm weapons.

 The Ygarra "Trooper" option relies on maneuverability from its anti-grav backpack, and comes with the option of a power sword, cannon, or dual missile launchers.

 Here are some more close-up shots of the various configurations.  I can't wait to see them painted up!

 Here are some renders I recently did for the release announcement.  Note that the Ygarra series of armours are nicely-sized to contend with those pesky Protolene battlesuits.

 Here were the initial sculpt-up pics of the Ygs powered armour.  Obviously, the pilot sits in the chest, making it more of a micro-mecha than a suit.  I was going for simpler, more striking armor configurations with this guy, letting the contrasting forms speak more than an overload of greeblies.

The composite shot I submitted for final approval.

Three basic leg poses.  Advancing-Right, Advancing-Left, and "Stand and Deliver."

Here are the approval shots for the menagerie of parts I sculpted up.  I don't know if every mirror-image piece was put into molding, but I sure gave Craig and Dale a lot of options!
Some assembled test configurations.

Well, I hope that sums up the latest effort on behalf of Critical Mass Games.  These were a blast to sculpt up, enabling me to stretch my comfort zone whilst adding a further depth and character to the CMG-verse.

I hope you enjoy them.

Pre-orders for the Salute 2014 show, where these will make their sales debut, can be made here, at CMG's pre-order page.  The deadline is very close, ending on April 9th.


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