Wednesday, April 30, 2014

CMG Releases Civilian Sci-Fi Vehicles

The civilian sci-fi vehicles I did for Critical Mass Games are now for sale.

They are listed in the Accessories section of the Webstore, under (truth in advertising) the Civilian Vehicles subheader.

Here's the link to the enclosed jetbike (known as a Civilian Grav Transport Pod). 
£5.00 for a four-pack of these neat little sculpts.

The Civilian Grav Cars.
£10.00 for a 4-pack of these sleek beauties.

And the Civilian Vans and Pickup
£10.00 for 2 vans and a pickup.  Perfect truck bombs and technicals.

And here's some more painted eye candy, courtesy of Craig and Dale!


For the sculpts/renders of these civie vehicles, here's links to part one, and part two.

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