Friday, March 14, 2014

Future Civilian Vehicles For Critical Mass Games, Part Two

So, the first part of this reveal was all about the renders.

Now, it's all about the printouts.

I was asked a few months ago to whip up some simple, utilitarian civilian vehicles that would be at home in the Critical Mass Games universe.  The work went quickly and smoothly, and I believe the client is happy.

I went through Paul at for the printing of these digital files.

The work was done on a new machine, and it's very nice.

Smooth, clean, and very easy on the support structure "rivets" that are the byproduct of the printing process.

I raided the penny jar, and stacked each model up on a column of five US pennies, to give them a slight "float" affect next to based and standing figures.

The knife is there for self-defense and cleaning under my fingernails, since digital sculpting is, you know, a real high-risk occupation.  ;)

 Here's a group shot of the four prints, an Arc Fleet Augment Drop Trooper, and a Zas Ravager Mecha.
 The four prints all by themselves.  In the old days, those windscreens would have build lines running through them like crazy.  The new printers are so much nicer.

 Another group shot.

 The van and lorry next to the Arc Fleet Augment, a stack of pennies by themselves, and the Ravager.

 The Arc Fleet Augment next to the personal speeder.  The speeder has a small fin extension underneath it, so I balanced it on two stacks of pennies.  You can see the door panel added to the side of the coupe, as mentioned in the last blog post.

 Another view of the Augment next to the speeder and coupe.

 The Ravager Mecha pushed the Augment aside, and wanted its picture taken with the smooth, sleek vehicles.

 The Ravager next to the four printouts.  I need to paint that guy.

Speaking of paint, here's Dale Hurst's masterfully painted Zas Blackguard Heavy Support Mecha, which I have given the callsign of "Cookie," next to the prints.  These shots look like they were taken with a potato, and are pretty washed out and unfocussed.  Sorry.

No chance for reshooting the blurred pics, since the 3D prints are winging their way to the UK as we speak.

Thanks for letting me show off.

I can't wait to see what Craig and Dale do, paintjob-wise, with these new offerings when they debut them at Salute 2014 (provided the postman holds up his end of the deal, of course).

I will make sure and let you know when they're for sale.

Who knows...maybe they'll be stretch goals in a possible Kickstarter from CMG that might be happening in the next few months.

But then again, you didn't hear that from me.  ;)


PS...Yes, I know that's the old link to their first KS.  Stay tuned.
PPS...If you're on Twitter, so am I, @johnbearross
PPPS...More importantly, so is Craig from CMG.  @CMGcraig
Lots of pics of the upcoming Salute board, as well as things you may not realize have been put into production (cough)ArcFleetWalkerUpgradeKit(cough)
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