Monday, February 3, 2014

Zas Mecha: Cookie!

When the Zas Kickstarter was in full swing, I believe I offered a cookie to anyone who painted up the new modular mecha in Prawn-like colors, like the vibrant schemes in District 9.

Here's the link to the mecha announcement a few weeks ago.  They're for sale now, and very cool.

So there I was, minding my own business, sculpting things for a client, when the wife-unit told me a package arrived for me.

 I saw from the return address that it was from the lads in the UK, Craig and Dale, owners of Critical Mass Games.

This perplexing pictograph greeted my eyes.  Reaching into the murky bubblewrap, my hands clasped a hard-edged object, and withdrew...

THIS!  THIS!!!  THIS!!!!!


The new pride of my collection.

The shading, detailing, basing, and texturing...all superb.

Dale Hurst makes up half of Critical Mass, along with the equally-talented Craig Grady.

What you may or may not know, though, is that Dale is a Golden Demon winner, and a past member of the 'Eavy Metal painting team for GW.

I'm honored that CMG gave me this amazing piece.

Truly spectacular.

I'm going to cry.  Look away.


Okay, I'm back.  Take a look at these close-up pics.

They don't do it justice.  It's amazing to hold in your hand.

My thanks to the gentlemen of Critical Mass Games.  I'm touched (and not just in the head).

There will much sending of cookies (or biscuits, if you prefer) to the UK soon.

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