Thursday, March 13, 2014

Future Civilian Cars For Critical Mass Games, Part One

Well, great minds think alike.
Things seem to come in threes.
And the cat's out of the bag.

All of those axioms were proven today, when two other 15mm game companies (Darkest Star Games and Khursasan Minis), one of whom I also do work for (Khurasan), revealed their new futuristic civilian vehicles.

Charles Oines did the Darkest Star offerings.  Steve "Coolhand" Tyler sculpted Khurasan Jon's new shinies.  They are all very lovely sculpts and paints.  You can check them out by finding their prospective topics on the TMP 15mm Sci-Fi Forum.

Now, for my own little announcement...

Among many other things, lately, I have been working on Future Civilian Cars for Critical Mass Games.

They are being done as an effort to provide units for their new tabletop display for Salute 2014, the big game show in the United Kingdom.

As you know, CMG always debuts a beautiful spread at Salute, and this year things are looking equally exciting.

A few months ago, Craig and Dale approached me with the concept of doing a few civilian vehicles that would fit in their existing universe.

Easily cast.  Simple yet refined.  Everyday in nature, but futuristic as well.  Anti-gravity technology, but not too "swoopy." 

And they were on a deadline, since these things had to be sculpted and printed, clear the Pond, get into molding, and be ready for Salute.


So I set about creating a new set of vehicles from whole cloth.  
For research purposes, I watched a shedload of Top Gear on BBC America.  
I reworked the anti-gravity modules of the Arc Fleet, made them more civilian in nature, and commenced to make some utilitarian, plausible shapes around them. 
I'm sure Jeremy Clarkson would hate them, but he's a bit of a ponce, so his hypothetical opinion was discounted in advance.

The result was a panel van which could easily be an ambulance, passenger van, or VBIED, if need be. 

A truck (lorry, for you UK types) was also crafted from the van by chopping the cabin and adding a bed.

The grey rectangle under the van is 2 inches (51mm) square on each side.  Four Waldos are on US pennies on each corner of the square.

A coupe was done as well.  These were preliminaries.  A door was added to each side later.  The Arc Fleet Grav Scout is shown for reference.

My personal favorite of the four new vehicles was the enclosed personal speeder, which is basically a heavily-modified version of the Arc Fleet Grav Bikes I did for CMG.  The single and dual seat grav bikes are shown for reference.

A combination of Honda Goldwing and the Elio trike were going through my mind when designing the personal speeder.  I really like the sleek look combined with all the external storage.

Here's a group shot of all four civilian vehicles, along with the Arc Fleet Scout for scale and reference.

Well, there are the digital renders.

For the skeptical among you, though, I know you need electrons to be transmuted into solid matter.

Prototype pics are next, with 15mm scale figs for reference.  Here's a sneak peek of "Cookie" with his new friends...


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