Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Viper Suit For The Titan Marines, Part 5

Here's the final wrap-up of the Titan Viper Suit for Rebel Minis.

Here are the links to Parts One, Two, Three, and Four.

 After blunting the nose (click on the 'Three' above), I finished off the last of the details.  Small nips and tucks, here and there, and bulking out and cleaning up the legs, particularly the hips and knees.

I added a cowl over the cockpit.  It gives the suit a bit of an angry look, but I also wanted a bit more protection over all that glass.

 I forewent the regular "just standing there" pose, and went instead for a slightly advancing set of legs.  I then mirrored the pose.

  A lugged sole texturing was added to the exterior of the feet, to give the model some traction.

So that's the basic layout.  Let's arm it up with some Viper and HAMR weapons...

 I like it.  The modularity of the system means you can put pretty much anything on it, from forklift grabbers to guided missile launchers to energy weapons.

Hope you enjoyed it.  It's out to print, and I should have the masters back and photographed within a few weeks.

Off to the next project.  More RUM-V parts!

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