Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Viper Suit For The Titan Marines, Part 3

So, on with the WIP series for the Titan Viper Suit.

The Viper Suit, like most of the things I build, is meant to be interchangeable and modular with other pieces within that manufacturer's product line.

Thus, the previous pics of the new cockpit on top of the old legs.

However, I got the go-ahead from Rebel Mike to craft a new set of legs that were more compatible with the style of the new, sleeker cockpit.

I stayed with the chicken-walker (digitigrade) look, but smoothed things down considerably from the EF Viper.

 I then did a side-by-side loadout comparison with the two Viper Suits, just so the client could have a clean-page look at my progress so far.

The nose is still too "beaky" for my tastes, though, so I'm going to blunt it a bit.

Stay tuned.


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