Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Viper Suit For The Titan Marines, Part 1

The Viper Suits I did for Rebel Minis a few years ago were big sellers.

People liked them, and so Mike decided to do a Titan Marine version.

So, here's the WIP series on that...

It was pretty simple:
I took the new Titan RUMV weapon turret, and smashed it together with the classic cockpit from the Titan Marine HAMR suit.  This is what emerged.

You can see the lower "jaw" area is the tank turret, the cockpit is from the HAMR suit.

Hang a pair of classic Titan Marine HAMR lasers on it, and you've got the makings of a neat little starfighter, eh?  Almost like a sci-fi version of a XF-85 Goblin fighter.

 Now, just for placekeeping, I mount the new cockpit on some original VIPR Suit legs, and place a Titan missile launcher up on top.  It looks a little top-heavy, like Carmen Miranda balancing all that fruit on her head while she sings, but it will develop in time, trust me.

Here's a link to Part Two of this WIP series.

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