Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rebel RUM-V System, Part 9

The Rebel Universal Modular Vehicle system (RUM-V, for short) reveal/debut series of posts is drawing to a close.

For a list of all the RUM-V updates, click here.

To conclude, here's the newest addition to the line, a Titan Marine counterpart to the Earth Force Light Tank shown in part seven of this Work In Progress series of blog posts.  

Starting with the boxy design cues of the Titan Marine APC, I started to chop, channel, and smooth that troop carrier variant into something more sleek and svelte.

 First, we start with the RUM-V Basic Frame.

 Next, we add the modular hull top.  Looks like it could be an anti-grav runabout all by itself, no?

 A new turret that is compatible with all the HAMR shoulder weapons.

 The classic Titan Marine Support HAMR laser cannons.  That's your basic Titan Marine Light Tank hull and weaponry, as the Good Lord intended.  Now we start swapping different propulsion systems.

Here is the standard tank track system.

 And a rear quarter view of the same.

 The anti-armor missile turret can be utilized, as can the heavy armor side plates.

 Or we can choose the slash-and-dash approach of a swift-moving hovertank.

 The six-wheeled approach is much more suited for the Titan Marine Light Tank than its APC compatriot.  This will make a great sci-fi armored car.

Here is the walking version of the Light Tank.  Vereh nice.

And the anti-grav version.  This just screams transatmospheric fighter-tank to me.  I love it.

 Add a chin turret to it, and you're looking head-on at a lot of firepower.  I like this shot.

Now here are a couple parting shots (for now) of the new parts I'm debuting.  Mike and I will keep playing with combinations of parts, seeing what works and what doesn't.  We also have to figure out how to package these, whether as a "pick-a-part" menu, or in individual SKUs, or base models with a large online bitz box with lots of choices.  It will require some logistical gymnastics, that's for sure.

Suggestions are welcome for new models and parts configurations.  If there's anything you'd like to see with the parts already shown, let me know in the comment section.

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