Friday, May 24, 2013

New Mercenary Mech For Critical Mass Games, Part 7

Alright, this one is in the bag.  This is part 7 in a work-in-progress series of blog posts about a new Mercenary Mech I sculpted up for Critical Mass Games.

The Fire Support version didn't change too much, so it's not as featured in this final show-off.  For more on it, click here.

I received a bit of feedback from Robin, of fame, suggesting that the blocky look of the lasers be revamped.  I added three "focusing lenses" doo-dads to the rear body, breaking up the original look that he likened to a birthday candle stuck on a lego brick. 

I love Brits.  They don't screw around when it comes to giving you their opinions.  ;)

Another forum user suggested a hammer of some kind be added to the mech's close combat repertoire.  I made up a power hammer, based on the Stanley FUBAR.  I have this tool, myself.  It's a fun little implement, ideal for smashing apart pallets of wood for campfires and other stress-relieving tasks.  Very therapeutic... 

Here's a variant of the mech armed with the dual missile pods of the Fire Support version, but with a jetpack instead of the overhead plasma cannons.

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