Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Khurasan MDMS Mercenary Tanks, Part 2

Here's the second installment of showing off a build I did for Khurasan a few years ago.  This is the MDMS mercenary tank, open to all purchasers and faction (in the Khurasan fictional universe).

I like making parts compatible in a manufacturer's line.  Some of the parts you see here also made their way to the Karkpanzers, and all really have their origin in the Neo-Soviet Red Banner tank I did for Khurasan.  More on that later...

Here's the exploded view of the unmanned turret, the three organic weapons available to it, and the smoke grenade accessories that mount to it.

 Here's a detailed look at the unmanned turret.  The "pocket" that the interchangeable weapon barrels slip into is radiused inside, so they can elevate a bit, if desired.

The grenade racks are the identical bits used from the Karkpanzers, and can be mounted at 90 or 45 degrees.

 Here is how the hull assembles together.  I hope that front corner of the tread unit doesn't tear out the molds.  Hopefully the caster will putty in the nastier cuts.

Here's the unmanned turret, ready to drop into the hull.  This is the conventional battle cannon.  This variant is called the Goanna Mk.1-R.  R, of course, is for Robot, to designate the unmanned turret.

 Here's a nasty little bulldog of a gatling turret.  This is the Goanna Mk.2-R.

 And here's a tank-hunting rail cannon variant.  This is Jon's MDMS Taipan-R.  A Taipan, as you may know, is one of the more lethal poisonous snakes on the Australian continent.

Of course, "Modularity" being my watchword, you had to know that the turret socket looked awfully familiar in proportion...

 Yup, part of the modernization of the Brick Tank and Brick APC entailed making them cross-compatible with the Red Banner series, which I had just completed at the time.

I'm pretty pleased with myself on making it work.

More to come later.


Edit:  Jon gave some guidance, and let me know the difference between the designations as they pertain to his labeling.
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