Monday, November 22, 2010

Khurasan Miniatures Red Menace

I've been working up a storm, but here's a project I completed recently for Khurasan Miniatures. Officially, it's classified as Objekt 2536, though Federation intelligence has learned that its true nomenclature is the Red Banner (Krasny Znameni). Some interesting fluff can be read here at The Miniatures Page forum topic on the subject....

From a design point of view, this tank system was a bit of a challenge, though once preliminaries were done, the work went quickly. A basic, futuristic (yet basic) armored tank was called for, with plenty of room left design-wise for future (in the setting's history) upgrades. The Red Banner was the original model.

Followed by the Red Banner-U, or Upgrade.

The Red Eagle program was a design modernization package, that was intended to bring the Red Banner up to Khurasan's state of the art in future tank design.

And the Red Lightning was proposed as an experimental energy weapon, with clunky coolant hoses to keep the weapon from melting down, and a rear battery pack on the turret, for power.

All in all, I spent a nice chunk of time designing and bouncing ideas off of Jon, who was receptive of even my quirkier ideas (like the Red Lightning). I like designing Soviet-style armors. Growing up during the Cold War, I was a fervent student of learning the weapon systems of the Big Bad Bear. I remember as a kid reading "Soviet Military Power" over and over again. Great stuff, and it was fun to put those old memories into a new design.


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