Wednesday, March 6, 2013

CMG Mecha Weapons Upgrade

The Zas are continuing to kick massive tail, and have broken through another stretch goal.

This one features extra weapons for the Ravager and Blackguard mecha I sculpted for CMG.  Per the text of the Kick starter page:

"At £10K all Ravager and Blackguard mecha will come with alt weapon load outs for their arms as standard."


They are based on weapons I did for the Zas support drones, tiny robotic deathdealers that support each Zas infantry platoon.

I took the basics of those weapons, a rotary-drum grenade launcher and an energy cannon, and embiggened them, adding some extra Zas panache.

Their mounting system is based on the 1/8th diameter ball and socket system I've created for CMG, making a broad range of their mecha weapons compatible with each other. 

Here are the pics.

The weapons can swap between the models (and others forthcoming from CMG, like the Volos Assault Mecha), so if you don't like the claw, drop it, and make your Ravager a grenade-lobbing, fire-breathing jump-assault terror.

Likewise, your Blackguard can switch one or both plasma weapons for the GLs, or the energy cannons.

Here are some zoomed-out shots, just to give you a sense of what the variously-armed mecha would look like on the tabletop.

Here are a couple variations on the arrangements of the new weapons.  I really like how these captured the blocky, no-nonsense design aesthetic that the Zas have inspired.

 Remember, the CMG Zas Kickstarter is drawing to a close, so get in on this soon.  I don't believe in pressure tactics, but the amount of minis and hardware you get for your GPB is a great deal.


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