Tuesday, February 19, 2013

CMG's Blackguard Mercenary Mech Revealed!

Alright, I've gotten clearance to show off the detail shots of the Blackguard Mercenary Mech, coming soon from Critical Mass Games.

A pair of heavy cannons are mounted on 1/8 ball and socket points at the elbows, while another pair of missile pods are attached to a fire support backpack.

The mount peg on the rocket launchers is identical to the standard peg used on the Arc Fleet Walker's multitude of accessories, so you can use different components, if you wish.

I am particularly fond of the new "Pen" setting in my 3d program that enables me to make instant line art with a screen capture.


The Blackguard Merc Mech is part of Critical Mass' Kickstarter event.  Once the £7000 mark is hit, these will be available as a stretch goal. 

They're less than £900 away from the goal, so pledge away, and you can reallocate your funds to these when they become available.  I selected the Company Commander level, myself, which means I'll get over 57 figs plus drones and support weapons for my £30, plus the ability to select more (which I sure as hell will).  A very nice deal for the money.

I can't wait!

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