Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The CMG Ravager Mercenary Mech Debut

Part of my effort for Critical Mass' Kickstarter campaign was a pair of mercenary mechs.

The Blackguard, a fire support mech, premiered earlier today.

Now, with less than £500, £400, £300, £200, £100, £14 (!) to go to meet the point of getting them added as stretch goals, I'd like to show you the Ravager.

EDIT: the goal has been met, so we're good to go!  Thanks for making this happen.

The Ravager is a jump assault mech, with a different upper hull and weapons configuration than its fire support partner.

The Ravager is equipped with a powerful main jump jet backpack, as well as four smaller jets that attach to its upper and lower legs.

A powerful combat claw enables it to crush enemies in its grasp.  The elbow socket is also designed to be a hardpoint for any extra weapons bits you have, to customize your mercenary pilot's load-out.

The other arm sports a heavy flamer capable of turning opponents into ashes.  Just the thing for entrenched groups of pesky infantry.

Now, the nice thing about this kit is that everything is swappable and modular between the Ravager and the Blackguard.  Want the more angular torso instead of this rounder, more organic one?  They're designed to readily switch out.  The fire support and jet packs attach using the same mounting surface, so you can mix and match among your forces.

Likewise, the jump jets can swap between both the advancing and standing leg poses.  The upper arms are compatible with the standard CMG accessory peg, and the elbow joints can take any 1/8th inch ball-mount weapon.  I make my designs with modularity in mind, and there is a lot of new weaponry in the pipeline for this system.

So, see you on the other side of the £7000 stretch goal.  That marker, like the others before it, will be smashed soon, so save up some pledge money for these mechs.  I know you're going to be happy.

John Bear Ross

To show you I'm putting my money where my mouth is, I've upped my pledge in anticipation of the goal being broken.  I'll reallocate later when the exact price is known.
I'm going to start a WIP series using a CMG Ravager as the subject, but I'm trying my hand at rendering instead of sculpting.  More to come.
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