Friday, February 22, 2013

Making Pretty Pictures: Custom Ravager Assault Mecha, Part 2

This is part two.  Part One is here.

So, I've refined the model a bit more, zooming in and extracting surfaces from their once-joined states to separate them from other-colored parts until I have a model that's no longer prototypeable (it's a floating formation of surfaces, instead of a unified block), but has the base colors in an approximation of the appropriate proportions.

Here's a quick synopsis of how I did it.

Here's a typical Perspective view of the Ravager, already posed.  I usually work in Ghost Mode when using my Perspective viewport, and normal Wireframe in the Right/Front/Top view panels.  It's just the way I work. 
First, we decide what's going to be highlighted or a different color. 

I zoom in, and decide to make the vision block in the crewman hatch, the top of a sensor dome, and the front housing of another sensor to be different colored bits.

For prototyping purposes, they're all welded and fused together.  For rendering purposes, we pull them out of the rest of their surroundings using the Extract Surface command in Rhino.

I type in the Join command, to make the separate surfaces their own three sub-sections.  I switch over to a Rendered Preview display mode.  I go the Object Properties command, and select each sub-assembly to be its own separate color.  In this case, Green and Dark Grey.

As you can see, I pick out surface details all over the model, like you would with a paintbrush, separating and converting each newly-extracted part into newly-colored sub-assemblies.

 The process is repeated all over the model. 

 The beauty of the Ravager, Blackguard, and other mecha I've designed for Critical Mass Games is that a large number of their parts interchange with each other.  When the Red Raider needs more anti-armor punch, he trades in his infantry-frying heavy flamer for a heavy energy cannon.

More to come.  Soon, lighting, rendering settings, and backgrounds, all with the advice of some very heavy hitters in the industry.

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