Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rebel RUM-V System, Part 3

So, tonight's update of the new RUM-V system of modular vehicles from Rebel Minis focuses on propulsion.

I teased the end of the last blog post with this image...

Groovy, no?  But it's just a start.

The main frame, as I droned on in the first post, is an attachment spine.  Different things go on top (vehicle hulls), and different means of propulsion go underneath, or on the sides.

Those squarish knobs underneath?  They're indexing pins.  They align different components.  They basically keep everything neat and tidy, and take the guesswork out of lining up things to keep them symmetric.  Some propulsion bits, like the tank tracks, don't need them.  Others, like the legs, do.

So do the new wheels.  I'm think I'm going to make a cargo box that can substitute for the middle set of wheels, in case folks want four instead of six tires.

The anti-gravity units are a nice touch, I think.  They're evocative of the back a-grav units found on the Titan Marine HAMR suit.  See, there's a reason why there's a socket in the middle of the basic spinal frame.

The basic frame goes away, though, when we put our multitude of hull tops on the new hoverskirt.  It's an all-inclusive unit.

And don't think everything we've just done is just to revamp the standard Combat Flatbed.  There's a Civilian Flatbed done up, as well.  Here's a teaser shot.
 More to come.

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