Monday, July 23, 2012

CMG Astagar Volos Assault Mech WIP, Part 2

Last year, I was in the process of sculpting a snakeman-like mech for Critical Mass Games.

The design work and initial digital sculpting done in the previous post went quickly, up to this point.

The process was simple. I had made a kickass torso, a nice armored sensor head based on PF's sculpt of a helmeted Astagar infantryman, and a "motive segment" that could be used over and over again to form the lengthy main body of the Snake Mech.

Simple, right? Right...

I also made a claw, based on the original sketch source art. Here was the first digital iteration of that nasty battle manipulator.

Wicked, right? Right...

After the claw, I made a nice universal upper arm, that could be used as either a left or right bit. I also made a tail segment that could be a hardpoint for the multitude of weapons I had already made for Critical Mass. I even crafted up a defensive energy weapon, with dual barrels, that was unique to the Astagar snake mech. I put all the pieces together, and came up with this...

I then made a nice alien-looking main energy cannon.
The original source art's cannon looked a bit cheesy when I tried to make it 3d, so something sleeker and more sinister came to the forefront, based on the small defensive weapon's barrel.

Here's what that looked like, with dual energy weapons, and the twin gatling "chin gun" bit most commonly found on the Arc Fleet Walker.

Looks great, right? Right? WRONG...

The client is not satisfied. Things look too chunky. The main energy cannons need to be larger, yet more refined, and the tail segment is right out. No good. Doesn't contribute to the desired "sleek" nature of the snake mech. "Change it, Mr. Ross," the email from the UK reads.

I become enraged, and start kicking the cats about the house while spouting obscenities that would cause jailhouse tattoo artists to blush. I rant, and foam at the mouth, and take an ax to my computer screen. I...

No, I don't do that, ya silly. I do what every good pro does...I rework it and make the client happy. And you were so worried...

More on that in the next post.


PS The mech seems to be coming along nicely otherwise, right? "Right..."
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