Wednesday, July 25, 2012

CMG Astagar Volos Assault Mech WIP, Part 3

Here is the third Work In Progress post on the sculpting of the Critical Mass Games Astagar Assault Mecha, named the Volos

Actually, the title of this segment (click these links for parts One and Two) should be, "You may think you're done, but you're not."

I tentatively labeled this version of the Volos the Close Combat Specialist.

Per the client's suggestion, I went through and reworked a few high points.
The main energy weapons were slimmed down.
The claws were detailed out.
The tail segment that could mount separate weapons (including Arc Fleet weapons) was dropped, and a trio of new bits were made in its place.

One, a plain "rattler" type of tail cap. Two, a twin-barreled energy weapon, shrunk down from its original size and fused to the cap. Third, a nasty little vibroblade tail cap that would slice enemy tanks and troops in half. Good stuff.

The Close Combat Specialist, but with some anti-armor punch!

The "hardpoint" theme did survive in the form of a backpack, however. The separate bit that mounts over the torso's jumpjets is able to mount a pair of whatever weapons that are able to fit. The pictured double heavy missiles were made for another build that will be shown later (Ygs!).

Here was the final approved layout of all the parts. Again, one torso, one body segment (that could be cast over and over again to make the body), and tail caps. The rest is just arms, a head, and a backpack.

Simple, right?

Again, I was wrong.

Because here's a layout picture of how it actually looked when it went to production. That's right. Like I said earlier, this particular post should have been titled, "you just think you're done!"

Lurking out there in the shadows of Craig's, Dale's, and my collective mind was an Astagar Snake Mech, Mark 2! To be discussed later, in Part Four.

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