Sunday, October 9, 2011

Viper Suit WIP, Part 4

Well, here's the wrap-up for the Rebel Minis' Viper Suit, or Variable Payload Raider as it's formally known. I added an Advancing pose to the lineup, to give it a slight feel of action.

Click here for parts One, Two, of Three of the work in progress.

The VPR will be modular in nature, so I gave it a separate hull from the legs. This will lend to more poseability, as well as the ability to swap out parts that are along the same format.

A pair of the new triple-barrel energy weapons were included, as well as the utility arms. I think this will do well when it hits market. Hope you enjoyed it, and watch for more updates along these lines.

I'll be sure to update when painted printouts come online, as well as when it's for sale.


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