Thursday, October 6, 2011

Viper Suit WIP, Part 2

Continuing from WIP Part 1, from yesterday...

It was at this point in the design process, I realized I had gotten ahead of myself. Rebel Mike and I had set out with the intention of making a utilitarian workhorse that could be pressed into military service if the need arose.

Looking at the first bulkouts, I saw that the build was a bit too sexy, a bit too sleek. That nasty, dashing, death-dealing potential quality in the first iteration had to be uglied up a bit. I toned down the spiciness, and added a bit more "clunky and chunky."

An ugly duckling, no? Of course, nobody wants to buy a doddering piece of garbage. So, walking a fine line, I dialed back the awesome factor, and started adding more function and practical features.

Don't worry, it will get better with final detailing. Plus, the emphasis with the Viper Suit will be the custom weapon loadouts you can hang on it. The chassis itself is almost an afterthought compared to the guns you're going to want to bring to bear, which is in line with the "pressed into service" aspect of the design. The Viper Suit is like the walking equivalent to a "technical" truck with a 23mm anti-aircraft cannon bolted to the bed. Well, not exactly, but you know what I mean...

Back to design. The standard ball and socket shoulder arrangement from the EF and Titan Marine HAMR suits was brought back, in order to maintain compatibility across the product line.

The back deck of the main hull was notched digitally to accept the Titan missile launcher, but also the mounting system that other Rebel Mini accessories share, namely the triple missile rack from the Saber gunship.

Likewise, the chin gun mount is capable of taking the forearm twin guns from the Titan Recon HAMR, but also other accessories using the standard peg system like those found on the Apache and Comanche MATV guns, or the infiltrator bike gatlings.

Things at this point were coming together, and the "Variable Payload" aspect of the Viper Suit's name was coming to the forefront. What it was lacking in aesthetic "sex appeal," it was now more than making up for in functionality, which has a special "sexiness" all its own.

More to come.

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