Friday, April 29, 2011

Griffin WIP, Part 6

Ah, variants. Who doesn't love variants? Well, folks who have to pay molders per cavity, among others, but let's not cloud the issue with economic discussions. Heh.

First, don't sweat the plain-jane pose. These are just basic sculpts, but will be adjusted later for more "action-y" variety.

Now, on to the first variant, the Kite.

The source art from Dallas Walker, the client behind Conflict Horizon Miniatures, called for a modular approach to the Griffin Mecha.

Yes, the Griffin was to be the flagship, the lead-off hitter for the product line, but I needed to leave space for future variations on the theme.

The Kite, one such variant, called for a distinct head shape, as well as a command sensor/comm antenna. A different set of jets was formed, to distinguish the Kite from a Griffin, even if seen from the rear.

A taser-like forearm attachment for overloading enemy mechs' circuits was also incorporated. That will be shown later.

I also added a variant, which I called the Trooper.

It's a stripped-down mech I saw as a line infantryman, or police response unit, or other combat role that didn't call for the Griffin's mobility jets. In the pics above, the trooper has double missile launchers, one on each shoulder, though this was just done for illustrative purposes. It is able to use the regular rifle as a main gun, just like the other two variants. Its head is similar to the standard Griffin, though it doesn't have the crest on top of its helmet.

Stay tuned for more.

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