Monday, January 3, 2011

Oleg Gets All The Nice Toys First...

Oleg Volk is a talented photographer who is very well-known in the firearms rights community. He runs a great site called A Human Right. More of his work can be found here, at, as well

The website is a collection of photographs, posters, and essays on the right to keep and bear arms, oriented towards the philosophical angle that self-preservation is a basic human right. Being the bloodthirsty former Marine that I am, I heartily agree with him.

Along with being an advocate for firearms rights, Oleg is also sought after by weapons manufacturers to produce ad copy for their new offerings. One such company, Kel-Tec, is a small gun maker operating out of Florida. George Kellgren, the owner, has developed a new take on the South African Neostead shotgun, called the KSG.

Kel-Tec's design philosophy is geared more towards economical, mass manufacturing processes, and lacks a sophistication and old-world refinement that you would find in guns with far higher price tags. I am not a gun snob, though, and think that "cool" beats "old-school" when it comes to 15 rounds of 12 gauge lovin'. As long as it works, it's beautiful, in my book.

Kel-Tec also developed a bullpup-configuration rifle called the RFB, as seen below.

It's a 7.62 NATO-chambered weapon that feeds from the same magazines as my beloved FAL. Great stuff. Erika, the model below, is not too shabby, either. Don't tell my wife.

These are both begging to be a part of the next weapons sprue I crank out for Rebel Minis (the guns, you fool, not Erika). If you enjoy making "pew pew pew" sounds with 15mm scale futuristic toy soldiers, like I do, I'm sure you'd agree.

And who says we're not living in the future?


Note: all pics are credited to Oleg Volk. Damn, he's good. Or lucky. Or both.
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