Found A Neat Miniature Today...

So, the local hardware store in town also has a hobby section.  It's well-stocked with Reaper Miniatures, both pewter and bones.

My son is thinking about getting in to role-playing games (I've passed the geek virus on to him), and I decided to take him shopping.

One of the Reaper Miniatures stood out to me.  Officially, she's a "50001: Sascha Dubois, Time Chaser," sculpted by the awesome Julie Guthrie and Bob Ridolfi.

To me, though, she's a dead ringer for Jessica Kramer, Mech Pilot of the Fourth Gate Kramers, holding the Judah command module.

Must be an interdimensional doppelganger, or sumthin'...

Now, she's a tiny task-mistress on my desk, commanding me to pump out more words.

And, as my publisher pointed out earlier today, my white ergo keyboard is filthy.
Hey, me and that there keyboard have been through a lot!  ;)

Here are some factory shots from Reaper, and pictures of the original sculpt, or "green."



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