More Wrenching: Blacking Out The Valkyrie

I did a little more work today on my 99 Honda Valkyrie.

Mostly taking parts off, painting them in black engine paint, and putting them back on.

I did get to do a little bit of work, turning the rear (pillion) seat into the front seat.  It's smaller, and gives the bike a more wasp-waisted look.  I like it.

The front fender will go back on, but I'll chop it later, as well as the rear fender.

 I had to turn a Phillips into a Slotted, thanks to Mr. Dremel.

 I remounted the rear seat.  I took the rear bracket off, and made a couple spring clips out of 1 inch perforated strap stock from Home Depot.  It's not comfortable, or luxurious, but it's a bobber, not a rolling sofa.  ;)

More photos in the daylight tomorrow.



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