Bars, Exhaust, and Engine Paint: The Bobbening Continues

I continue to chop and black out my bike.  My only real expense, so far, is a set of Biltwell Clubman handlebars.

The OEM cruiser bars put me too high and wide in my stance.  These bars pull me in, and a small bit forward.

I am also putting lightening holes in the larger, thicker brackets.  More for style than speed.  It's a bobber, after all!

 The stock exhaust.

 Heat shields come off (there's a lot of grunge under there) and the sawzall comes out!

 Starboard side about to get chopped, too.

 All the things I've removed, at this point.  The pillion seat will be re-used.

Not bad for a day's work.

I used my lathe to make a drill bit extension out of aluminium scrap.  This will be used to drill out the rear set of baffles in the exhaust, letting it breathe easier (and noisier).

Here's the port side foot peg bracket, getting three 1-inch holes milled into it.

 Bars swapped out.  I like the Clubmans.

 Exhaust comes off, and out comes the engine paint.

 Remounted and looking good.

She's looking good, so far.

Here's how she sounds...and pardon the neighbor's dog.  It's a yapper.
Stay tuned.



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