Beginning Of The Big Bike Bobbing

I like the style of bike called a bobber.

Basically, it's a no-frills, stripped-down version of a motorcycle.

Today, the boy and I began the Bobbening, the great removal of parts from my 99 Valkyrie.

Off came the rear seat, the rear back brace, the saddle bags, and the highway pegs.

I did find the factory tool kit in there, which was neat.

Here's some pics...

I peeled the seat for the first time.  Factory tool roll is there, but no manual.  It's OK.  I bought a Clymer's service manual on Amazon, and downloaded the PDF of the factory manual online.

 It took some doing, but the rear fender came off.

 "What?  You want me to help?"  ;)

 Ready to go back together.

 I took the highway pegs off, later.  The Boy looks good on the bike.  It might become his, someday.

Chooser reclaims her spot in the garage, now a bit sleeker.



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