BIG Announcement: I Have Signed On With A New Publisher, Aethon Books!

So, today's big announcement is that I am now under contract with an up-and-coming publisher of genre fiction, named Aethon Books.

Here's their sweet logo...

Snazzy, no?  Aethon means burning, or blazing.  Which means a firebug like me should fit right in.  ;)

I will join their stable of existing heavy hitters, like Josh Hayes, Hayley Stone, Rhett C. Bruno, Paul Antony Jones, Jaime Castle, Micky Neilson, and Brian Mansur.

That's pretty esteemed company.  To learn more about those folks, click on their individual names...

The big news:  Aethon Books wants me to turn my Jessica Kramer book into a trilogy.  A trilogy!  Woot!

Look for great things, coming soon.  Well, maybe not from me, but Aethon Books in general.  ;)

I've been sitting on the news for a couple days, and thought I was going to pop.  Glad to get the word out there, though.

So, if you have a current copy of Code Of Armor, it's now a collector piece, or suitable for putting under a shaky table or sofa.  I will be pulling it down tonight from Amazon, and it will be the first of three tales of our heroine from Junctionworld!


John Bear Ross


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