28mm Viper Suit Keeps Emerging...

I get pulled in a lot of directions.  It must be Adult ADD.  I joke that I have 14 hobbies, plus a few other interests.  Such is life.

Besides writing, I'm also working on a 28mm digital sculpt of the Rebel Minis Viper Suit.

There are a few past blog posts in the in archives.  The work on the 28mm Scorpion made me dust off that old work.  Now I am getting things up to speed.  This will be compatible with a lot of the weaponry already sculpted and printed out for that mech.  The tri-barrel cannons shown in the render are already printed out, and look great.

Here's some pics.  The cockpit is giving me trouble, and will probably be solid, and have an optional armored overlay or substitute.

BTW, it's Rebel Mike's birthday this weekend.  He's running a 20% Off Sale to celebrate.  Checkout code is Birthday1




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