28mm Scorpion Parts, Cleaned Up And Out The Door

The 28mm Scorpion Parts are de-nuggeted and sanded, to the best of my meager ability, and sent off to Rebel Mike in Chattanooga, TN.

I tried to fit them together with poster putty, but the larger 28mm parts didn't want to hold together.  So, you'll have to do a little imagining of a larger version of this...

So, here's the parts...

Here's the two-part main hull, along with the crew hatch.  It's a handful.

 Here are the laid-out parts.  No banana, this time, sorry.

 The buzzsaw went together beautifully.  Here's weapons set 1.

 Here's weapons set 2.  The green resin required very little cleanup.

 Here are the main body parts, along with the tail segments.

 I tried getting the thing to stand using poster putty.  Wasn't happening.

 All them weapons, together.

 Tail segments.

Different weapons configurations in conjunction with the tail segments.  The whole tail doesn't need to be assembled to mount close combat or ballistic weapons.

Well, off to Rebel Mike it goes.  We'll see how he wants to get them into your hands.  Stay tuned.



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