New STL File Store for Rebel Minis Digital Direct. Plus, 28mm!

Rebel Mike was gracious and forward-thinking enough to let me explore a new means of getting our products to market.

The home-3d-printing arena is expanding, and I believe will be part of the future.  Every house is going to have one, just like microwaves.  It's just a matter of time.

So, instead of worrying about printing prototypes, molding, casting, and packaging, I present direct-to-you STL files that let you print our new 28mm stuff at home.

We're starting out on a site called

The full link for our store is

One of our new products is a 28mm Gun Carriage.  It uses the scaled-up versions of Viper Suit/RUMV weapons.  The AA battery and 28mm scale figures are for size reference, and the dark grid lines are in inches (2.54cm for you metric types).

We're very excited about this.
Look for more news and releases in the coming weeks.



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